Transgender athlete Chris Mosier worries about competing in North Carolina

I love this article.  If one steps back and really looks at the situation with the bathroom, your realize two things very quickly. First, where do you think trans people have been using the bathroom for the last 100 years? Answer, in the bathroom that they identify with.  This is apparent because we have no reported incidence of people running and screaming out of a bathroom because someone of the “opposite sex”  was in there. Trans-women belong in the women’s bathroom just as trans-men belong in the men’s bathroom. This is the common sense the “Religious Right” is actually looking for.

And second, the laws protecting our wives and children are already on the books.  They are very clear about protecting all people from the actions that are illegal. So regardless of what clothes your wearing or gender you identify as, the act is still a crime.  Why single out an micro-minority to exploit by a non-existent fear.  This is why the pro-LGBT has reacted, it is just simply bad law.  Oh, and I would by wary of any law that can be presented, discussed, passed and then signed into law in one day.  That reeks of “good ole boy” shenanigans.

US Election 2016: Ted Cruz attacks Donald Trump over transgender bathroom bill

Normally, I don’t post things focused on the political races as I am more interested in the issues than the politicians, but….

When a right-winged hate monger like Cruz attacks one of his own fellow republican presidential candidates over an extremely reasonable response to NC’s HB2 it bears sharing.

How does such a narrow minded fear espousing ignoramus believe that he has any business being taken seriously as a candidate for the most free of all countries in the entire world?

What happened when I tried to comply with North Carolina’s new bathroom law

I love Lilly’s account of her experience.  This happens so very often all over the country in states with and without these silly laws.  It is a mental conversation we all carry on with ourselves.

I had a very similar conversation with myself last evening when I used the women’s restrooms at both the restaurant and the movie theater where I chose to celebrate my birthday with friends.

By the way, I had a nice conversation about trivial topics with other women in both instances.