Transgender-friendly businesses bigger threat than ISIS, First Baptist Dallas pastor Jeffress says

OK, so I have to kind of scratch my head at some of this non-sense.  Headlines like this just beg for a response.

I am all for Religious Freedom.  In fact I believe it really is one of the super blocks of the foundation of our great country.  The problem is that the Christians feel that the country was based on the Christian religion and just magnanimously “allowed” other religions to exist. Religious Freedom is freedom for all religions and freedom for no religion.  If you want to practice your religion, knock yourself out.  If that practice doesn’t violate the laws of the land designed to protect us from others, your all good.

Now, what if you are lets see, a cake baker, a Christian cake baker.  And you don’t want to bake cakes for LGBT friendly events, like a wedding. Ok, I am sure the LGBT friendly cake baker down the street would be happy to have their business.  By the way, that sentiment by itself is not popular with many of the LGBT community either because you are singling us out of the population at large to discriminate against.  The difference in the Christian Community and the LGBT Community is the Christians can cry Religious Freedom if they feel discriminated against.  However, if you are this cake baker and you want to limit your market to just the Christians then that should be ok, until of course you go out of business. But by clearly identifying your business as Christian Friendly you will limit the number of LGBT Friendly wedding cakes you are asked to bake.  Except probably those LGBT Christians…  wow, I can see how your would get confused.

But back to this article, so this preacher is afraid that the LGBT community is a greater risk to our country than one of the most prolific terrorist groups in history.  I won’t list the crimes against humanity associated with ISIS, but I am pretty sure the LGBT Community’s crime is simply wanting to be free to live without harassment and discrimination in the freest country in the world.

Oklahoma Officials Reject Obama’s Directive on Bathrooms, Declare State of Emergency

I know I should not be surprised, but I am completely embarrassed at the ridiculous yet predictable response my home state of Oklahoma has to the “bathroom hysteria.”

Women are getting harassed in bathrooms because of anti-transgender hysteria

It is clear that protection is more important than discrimination. When the protection of cis-women from cis-women and cis-men becomes more necessary than protecting anyone from trans-people.

In transgender debate, Cruz, Paxton — heck, all of us — should try empathy rather than fear

It is nice to see an article that clearly sheds light on the fear mongering approach taken by a few of the truly ignorant politicians.

Woman Harassed in Bathroom for Appearing Transgender — and She’s Not Alone

So if you are a cis-female and present as a tomboy (i.e. not wearing a skirt while wearing your hair long), you will now likely be harassed by those who feel obligated to self-police the bathrooms.