Caitlyn Jenner Poses with Olympic Medal on Sports Illustrated Cover 40 Years After Big Win

Whether you love her or hate her, she is part of the social culture.  If nothing else she has opened up the opportunity to communicate about trans issues with people who are passionate about them and those who may have never even considered them.  I like the last paragraph of this article.

Why I Refuse To Apologize For My Son Wearing A Dress

This parent will likely never have to deal with the loss of her child to drugs, mental health issues, or suicide.  Alternately, she will likely have a lifelong close relationship that continues to grow in happiness and trust.

This story makes my heart happy.

Save Your Sympathy. You Are The Problem.

This is a pretty comprehensive list of the hypocrisy rampant in politics today.  Every politician is urged by some media focused aid to reach out and say the “right thing.” While some other aid is telling the politician what he needs to “believe in” to get re-elected to his cushy position.

I am constantly amazed that we have developed a career path in this country in politics.  People talk about our “Founding Fathers” and what the intent of the Constitution was, and I really doubt that any of the founders thought that someone who has never held any gainful employment or built a successful business would be serving in our political machine as a Senator or US Representative, let alone as President.

Other than figuring out how to “work the system” a broken system at that, what do these people actually bring to the table.  If you want to represent me, then you should know me, you should spend time in my hometown, or my home state.  That does not mean stopping by to stump for votes.  That means working in our community, owning or running a successful business or charity.  Then seek office for the pure benefit of service to the community, making a difference for those back home, and not for the pay or the lifelong benefits doled out by your own votes.  Then come back home and reap the benefits you were able to accomplish.  If you were unsuccessful at helping your home town/state, then you likely should not have been elected in the first place.

I am sorry for the rant.

The Curious Cases of Legal Professors Who Know Nothing About Biology but Speak Publicly Anyway

Ignorance and bigotry come at all levels of education.  A fancy degree even from a prestigious progressive university doesn’t mean they acquired wisdom.

What happens when a gay (or trans) person grows up in an anti-gay home

I believe this is equally true for any alternate lifestyle.  Now that the transgender topic is being actually discussed, this is very likely to be the result for trans children too.