‘We just want to be accepted.’ At a vigil, transgender people mourn one of their own.

This article gets to the heart of the matter.  Discrimination on any lever is wrong, period.  People forget that discrimination comes from bigotry and bigotry is your issue, not mine.  Leave me out of your issues.


My Toddler Was A Gender Rebel

I wish I had had the courage as a young child to challenge my gender openly. Instead, I fell into the societal norm and outwardly avoided anything that looked or appeared the least bet feminine.  Except with a few close friends.  My best friends were girls and I deeply enjoyed the time we spent playing.  The boys in my schools and in my neighborhoods made me feel very uncomfortable.


I lived as a transgender woman in peace for years. Then the GOP got involved.

This article hits very close to home for me.  I have flown under the radar for years and have no real incidents to report, bathroom or otherwise.  I was honored to hear Lavern Cox speak last year and was struck by the fact that I had experienced less confrontation here in Oklahoma, that she has had in New York City!!


Gender Is About More Than Bodies

This is a great article about gender nonconforming.  There are a few points in it that help me understand, even more than before, why we all need to stand together to educate about gender nonconforming and gender dysphoria, and the difference between them.


Radical Homophobia: a Modern Sickness

This is an interesting perspective on homophobia.  It certainly crushes the notion that homosexuality is something that is not clearly evident in our social and scientific history since the beginning of time.

Radical Homophobia: a Modern Sickness


It was only a matter of time….

So it was bound to happen and probably just a matter of time until an individual succumbed to the peer pressure of all the fear mongering Right Winged politicos.  Interestingly enough, it proves exactly what we, as a member of the trans community, have been trying to communicate all along.  There are already laws on the books to deal with this issue and new discriminatory laws do nothing but breed hate and discontent among our population.

Transgender woman arrested in voyeurism incident at Idaho Target