“McCrory says good friends have shunned him, his wife over HB2”

So I sat here a couple of minutes trying to come up with the correct phrase to respond to this. Several like, “DUH” or “No $#!+, Sherlock” came to mind, but I try to keep the bar a little higher here.

Mainly I want to say, these people shunning you probably understand that you and your wife are not bad people, but you pushed a “bad law” through the process underhandedly and all in one day.

Then when everyone in the world tried to educate you that it was a “bad law” passed inappropriately you”doubled down,” instead of listening to those who probably had yours, your wife’s and the state of North Carolina’s best interests at heart.

This law (HB2) should have been repealed immediately and then open discussion with everyone, in the state and out, would have hammered out something that made sense.  I don’t know if it was ego or plain ignorance of the world around you but, you clearly were not interested in learning about what is really going on.

Trans is a thing!  We have been around forever.  There is no history that doesn’t recognize it.  Legislating discrimination toward any segment of the population is wrong, especially one so small and vulnerable. Add to that the absolute ludicrousness of the Hate Speech and Fear Mongering that you and yours stooped to in order to justify the “bad law”and now your minority is more guilty of abuse than the hypothetical fears you were spouting.

It’s especially disheartening that there was discussion about repealing the law, if Charlotte would repeal theirs.  So in reality, it really was not about the safety of the women and girls in the bathroom, it was about putting Charlotte in it’s place.  The fear must just go away when Charlotte repeals their law and everything goes back to how it was. How it was, was trans men and women quietly using the restroom that they identify with in North Carolina and zero incidents occurring, ever.

I hope that sneaking this “bad law” through was worth losing your election and submitting your family to this humiliation.


Transphobia Body Shames Strong Women

You well see this more and more.  It is disappointing on so many levels.  Especially with the ridiculous “bathroom bills” popping up.  As if, we as a society were not already completely hung-up (read Obsessed) with labels, now we have people policing them like an arm chair coach on Sunday afternoon.  Please keep your phobias and ridiculous self proclaimed fears to yourself.  You will offend less and appear more intelligent.


Her 10-year-old son wanted to shop at a store for girls.

What the two finally found there was acceptance.  Charlie has courage I could have only dreamed of at that age.


At local community colleges, transgender students’ names are now whatever they prefer

It really is the simple things in life that make the biggest difference in the long term.  This one faculty member recognized an issue and made a change.  That will impact students positively for years.


HB2 must be repealed, and not because of sports

I am posting this, not because it is really trans related, but because it appears that there are intelligent adults in N.C. (and elsewhere I expect) that understand that HB2 and other fear based laws are damaging to our society over all.


The Boogeyman Isn’t In The Bathroom

I guess I am still in awe that seemingly intelligent adults still cling to this fear-mongering and hate speech as if it was gospel.  All of the actual evidence reveals that the real fear should be for white male politicians, coaches and clergy!  It’s like saying that birds should fear worms if they land on the ground!!


It’s Crucial to Make Sure Transgender Voices Are Heard – But It’s Also Not Enough

Our fight to be recognized as genuine human beings deserving of the  basic respect that every human being should enjoy is a war, not a battle. We will endure many losses before we see a final victory.  The sad thing is, victory makes a more beautiful world for everyone including those we currently find ourselves battling today.


Governor McCrory, My ‘Boy In A Dress’ Is Not A Predator

This is a wonderful heartfelt letter to Governor Pat McCrory by one of his constituents.  Reading it I felt very proud of her, her family, especially her gender non-conforming son.


To The Trans Students Going Back To School

This is timely.  I hope that those trans students entering or returning to school know how much we appreciate them and the obstacles they are facing.  I simply avoided the whole thing by denying who I really am during those years.  My heart goes out to those who for what ever reasn have begun to embrace their true authentic selves early enough in life to truely enjoy their life to the fullest. Please don’t waste a minute living in the shadow of what society, or your peers, or even your family have told you how or who you really are.